Meditation Myth-Busting

Uncategorized May 10, 2021
'I need to be still during meditation'
False - the most commonly taught meditation is dropping the body into stillness. BUT, using movement as a point of focus (eg tai chi, swimming , running) can also be considered meditation. (Also if you are practicing sitting, moving your legs if you get pins and needles doesn’t mean you failed.)
‘I am meditating properly once my thoughts go silent’
False - often repetitive internal mantras are used as a meditation technique. We also love a saying a teacher once shared ‘if your thoughts stop when you are meditating, you are probably dead’. Meditation allows you to become aware of your thoughts, not silence them.
'I can hallucinate when meditating'
True - Certain meditation techniques involving breathwork and/or dropping into deep transcendental states can allow advanced practitioners to experience visuals and bodily sensations similar to...
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If you want it, you have already missed it.

Simply, if you are putting out the energy of desire and want, you are telling the Universe that you are in lack because you don’t have it. You are saying ‘my vibration is out of resonance with that thing over there which my ego is telling me I should have’.


How to change that? Focus on the feeling, the vibration, the resonance of the desire. The energetic make-up behind the material experience.


Focus on the here and now. On finding and amplifying that feeling right here. Right now.


The quicker you can master your inner world to align with wholeness, freedom, expansion and connection to a greater source, the quicker the material world will start to manifest itself to align with YOU.


Feeling first, the world around you will follow.


We dive deeper into the world of flow, energetic alignment and desire creation in our online course ‘Cracking The Manifesting Code’. Sign up now to learn the simple tools to eliminate the...

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Simple Ways to Protect Your Energy ⚡

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

Nothing worse than being caught in a conversation where you feel your energy being drained out of you or walking into an unavoidable space that feels yuck. 


Here are 3 easy ways to protect your energy and not take on others ‘stuff’:


1: Visualisation, imagine a white light bubble around you that allows only the good stuff in and keeps the funky stuff out. 

2: Ask your spirit guides for assistance. Let them hold energetic space for you. 

3: Crystals. Keep a rose quartz (or Crystal of choice) in your pocket. 


We explore energy protection deeper in our online course ‘Awaken Your Intuition’ but these are great starting points! 

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Dark Night of the Soul

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2021

It takes pure bravery and courage to walk head on into a dark night of the soul. 


These are the moments in life when it feels like the world as you know it is coming to an end, things aren’t making sense, you are on the precipice of great change, if you choose to move forward. To move forward often is to face parts of yourself you have been avoiding. These moments can arise naturally or in some traditions can be induced with plant medicine rituals.


This time in your spiritual journey is significant, it gives you the opportunity to recalibrate. The grace and discipline you give yourself in these moments will determine with how much ease you can move through it. 


When a dark night of the soul comes around it can feel intense, hopeless and out of your control. Rarely is it comfortable. But great change never truly is. 


As you find yourself facing your inner world know this...all things pass. There is always a beginning, middle and end....

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Have you heard of the concept of Seva?

yoga philosophy Mar 25, 2021

In Sanskrit, Seva means 'selfless service' and it is describing the action of giving (being in service) without the need to receive anything in return.


Acts of Seva are often given as a benefit to others like a community or group. Being of service in this way can take practice and discipline. It's not always easy to simply give with no expectation of receiving something in return. You may not receive a thankyou. You may not be acknowledged. You may not be known. Selfless service takes away the need for validation and acknowledgement from our actions. We give because we want to be of service, to offer benefit to others, not to reap a reward or a nice, fuzzy feeling for ourselves.


Of course, when we find ourselves in a place in our lives where we give without the need to receive, and we offer up our time willingly and lovingly, we may also find that we receive abundantly anyway. Seva is not about never allowing ourselves to receive. We are allowed to give selflessly and...

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3 Easy Tips for 'Holding Space'

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2021
You may have heard the term, ‘holding space’.
Your yoga teacher holds space for you in class, your energy healer holds space during a session.
‘Holding space’ means to create a safe container for someone else to freely explore and express all parts of themselves. Here is how you can start to hold space when needed...
Hold the boundaries. Yours and theirs.
Your boundaries may look like topics you are/aren’t willing to discuss, when you are willing to hold space. Holding their boundaries may look like not letting anyone else interrupt the interaction, telling them to ignore their phone if it rings part way through.
Active Listening.
Listening only and repeating back (in your own words) what has been said to show you heard it vs. listening and then waiting to reply with your 2 cents before the other person has even finished. This may sound like, ‘so what I am hearing is...’, ‘it sounds...
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Work hard, but it doesn’t have to be hard work.

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2021
‘You guys are so lucky…’, ‘Everything happens so quickly for you..’
From the outside looking in, it’s easy to see the highlights and achievements of another person's life. It’s easy to think it happened overnight.
When we talk about manifesting in ‘Cracking The Manifesting Code’ we talk about a VERY important step: Inspired Action Taking.
If you want to manifest your dream life, you have to TAKE ACTION. The Universe won’t just drop everything in your lap. When you find the decision, opportunity, person that lights your spark, that gives you a full body yes, TAKE ACTION, focus your energy, WORK HARD and consistently to make it happen.
But it doesn’t have to be hard work. It doesn’t have to feel like pushing poop uphill.
When Murray and I got the full body ‘YES’ to create The Open Mind Space we worked hard, we lived and breathed it, up at 5am,...
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Renée’s Pregnancy & Birth List: Everything you need to know about what she did…

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2021
This is the blog of how I went about supporting my pregnancy and birth, I am by no means an expert and a lot of the time I was flying by the seat of my pants, guided by intuition and checking in with care providers that aligned with me. That’s the key part, there are so many ways you can go about birth, Murray’s and my preference was a natural birth, so we found people who supported that. This was also possible because I was a low risk, zero complication pregnancy.
Every pregnancy and birth is different. But, if you are looking for some direction, I hope this provides inspiration.
  • Intuitive movement. Sometimes gentle stretching was all I could do, around wk26-30 I was doing daily yoga classes!
  • Intuitive eating, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted it. (I had a week in the throws of morning sickness where Nutella was my primary food source. Zero nutritional value but I could stomach it and it made me feel good).
  • Rest! The...
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The quickest way to change your mood.

cleansing energy Feb 18, 2021

My first job in TV (yes I used to work in film and tv) was as a ‘runner’, driving actors from studio to location filming. The drive was usually an hour long. Those hours were filled with laughter, deep conversations and every now and again moments of enlightenment that have stuck with me.


This one particular drive, my driving companion was sharing how pissed off they were and needed a quick way to dissipate the anger before going to film a loved up scene. 


Enter the quickest way to change your mood, the one word release. 


This is best practiced in a moving car, with the music up LOUD (can also be done at home with loud music if you don’t care for your neighbours, or alternatively underwater!).


Think of your most potent word (we all have a pretty common four letter one), take a deep breath in and let that word act like a magnet, drawing all of the ick towards it, then YELL that potent word out as hard, loud and long as you can....

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Yoga Philosophy: Tapas

yoga philosophy Feb 05, 2021

Tapas. Not just tiny food from Spain, this is the third of the Niyamas (inner observances) outlined by Patanjali.

Tapas is our fire, our drive, our discipline.

B.K.S. Iyengar says that ‘Tapas is the conscious effort to achieve ultimate union with the Divine and to burn up all desires which stand in the way of this goal’. Plus, he says that ‘life without Tapas, is like a heart without love’.

Tapas can allow our desire for growth to get bigger, to burn like a flame. It can help us to stay on the path we have been led to (or chosen) when things get difficult. It can help us to develop mental attitudes and physical practices that continue leading us to higher states of awareness, connection and joy.

Tuning into our fire, our Tapas, makes us unshakeable. It burns up all of the ‘stuff’ on the periphery that is a distraction on our path forward and give us courage and wisdom to keep going.

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