The courage to live your dreams.

energy and intuition Jan 25, 2021
Pause for a moment and riddle us this.
What does your dream life look like? Get real descriptive.
Now, why aren’t you choosing that? Go on, tell us all the excuses that your mind presents. It’s not financially secure, I need to finish this other thing first, I don’t know how it will turn out, it’s scary to take the leap.
Next question, what does your dream life FEEL like? If you were to wake up tomorrow and all the desires and wants and dreams existed, what does that FEEL like?
Now what is stopping you from choosing people, places and things that instigate that feeling (or a version of it) in you TODAY?
When we teach manifesting in our online course we focus on the FEELING and getting really clear (plus teach you techniques to move through all the blocks between you and that feeling). But at the end of the day manifesting is having the courage to get really clear on how you want to feel, your...
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Yoga Philosophy: Saucha

saucha yoga philosophy Jan 21, 2021

It’s been a couple of weeks, but we’re getting back into our yoga philosophy posts! Today, we’re having a look at the first of the Niyamas: Saucha.

Reminder: Niyamas are thought of as inner observances that help us to build discipline and character.

In his book ‘Light On Yoga’, B.K.S. Iyengar says that ‘purity of body is essential for well-being’. Well, isn’t that kind of obvious? We all know that when we eat nourishing food, move our bodies and watch what we’re putting into our mind (and making aligned choices) we feel better. Well, maybe we don’t know that, but as a concept, I think that’s well known.

Saucha relates to cleanliness & purity, and it’s not just encouraging us to have showers or eat well so that we feel well, it’s also encouraging us to offer ourselves practices (like yoga, breathwork & meditation) that help us to cleanse ourselves internally when we’ve overindulged or taken...

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The one thing you can do today to change everything.


If you could only do one thing, just the one to change your life, this would be it. Muscle testing.


Muscle Testing is a physical tool used to tap into your body's biofeedback system (a series of loops in your nervous system). It’s a technique that allows us to bypass the conscious mind; the stories we tell ourselves and go straight to the deeper layers of the body and the subconscious.


It is an invaluable tool to help with decision-making, with taking the guesswork out of ‘which way to go now’ and to receive validation from your intuition.


Renee and Murray use muscle testing for EVERYTHING. Especially when it comes to business decision-making. It is such a valuable tool they include it in all three of their courses, Cracking The Manifesting Code, Awaken Your Intuition and Lean In.


The video shows a snippet from our muscle testing module in 'Awaken Your Intuition'.


If you find yourself getting stuck in your head and all of...

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'Be the Embodied Flow of the Universe' ✨

energy and intuition Jan 11, 2021
‘We are one’... great but what does that mean?
The concept of ‘we are one’ often needs to be experienced rather than logically broken down. Even if just for a moment. When the sweet nectar of ‘oneness’ drops on our tongue we become hungry for more.
How to experience ‘oneness’? It starts with discipline. Showing up to your practices when your mind is fighting you not to.
It continues with facing your ‘stuff’ as it arises instead of shying away.
It expands when you reach out for help in the sticky moments.
‘Oneness’ has been philosophized and pulled apart but no one will experience it how you do. So keep showing up and getting a taste of it, in the pause after your exhale, in the silence in between thoughts, in the moment of Savasana right before you are asked to come back.
To be one with the flow of the Universe is to live a life of ease (not...
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Yoga Philosophy: Niyamas

We’ve been through the Yamas, now it’s time we turn our attention to the Niyamas. These are the 2nd limb described in Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga.

The Niyamas can be thought of as inner observances which can be used to help us to build discipline and character. In his book ‘Light on Yoga’, Iyengar calls these rules of conduct that apply to an individual, as opposed to the Yamas which are ethical disciplines and rules for the morality of a society as a whole. You can, of course, take the word ‘rules’ with a grain of salt.

The 5 Niyamas are:

Saucha (purity/cleanliness)
Santosha (contentment)
Tapas (discipline)
Svadhyaya (self-study)
Isvara Pranidhana (surrender to a higher power)

If you want to learn more about these Niyamas, we have more info on its way in future posts. Stay tuned!

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Ready to quit? You might be on the brink of your breakthrough.

When we first step into our self ‘work’, it can be easy to fall into the trap of it’s all rainbows, om shanti’s, crystals and waving smoke round our bodies. 


A little bubble burst here, it’s actual work. It gets ugly and uncomfortable the deeper you go as you face the layers of sh*t that you have been avoiding, pushing down or blaming on someone else. 


It’s these moments that differentiate between the people who say they are doing the ‘work’ and those you are actually rolling up their sleeves and then crumbling into a heap, only to break through the other side and experience life without the restraints you have created. 


If you are ready to quit, to throw it all in, you might just be on the brink of your break through.

-Reach out to a friend

-Take a breather before you do anything rash

-Connect with a therapist who you resonate with (and who will call you on your bs)

-Show up to the yoga class and be...

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Yoga Philosophy: Aparigraha

learn about yoga Dec 29, 2020
The last in our series discussing the Yamas (the first of the 8 limbs of yoga), we’re having a look at the concept of Aparigraha.
This Yama is generally translated as ‘non-greed’ or ‘non-attachment’. The lesson associated with Aparigraha is pretty simple. It doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t want nice stuff. The moral guideline this is asking us to remember is that we should only take what we need and what serves us in the moment and to know when to let go.
This honestly makes me think of Australia’s great toilet paper fiasco.
Knowing what we need in any given moment means that we need to be mindful of both ourselves & others. We need to be able to be discerning and aware enough to be able to make decisions that serve us. This can be seen both on and off the yoga mat.
When we begin our yoga practice, are we attached (and do we have expectation) around where the...
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Yoga Philosophy: Brahmacharya

learn about yoga Dec 29, 2020
The fourth of our Yamas, Brahmacharya is easily one of the most difficult to understand and it can definitely be a little misunderstood in today's world.
Often translated as 'celibacy', it's easy to see why it's not a super popular concept. But really, when we think about Brahmacharya and how it relates to us in our everyday lives we are thinking about a 'right use of energy' and using our energy in a way that leads to the Divine.
Now, 'the Divine' can mean whatever you want it to mean, but in this case (in yogic philosophy) the Divine is thought of as Brahman, the creator. You might think of this as God, or the Universe or something else entirely different.
A good way to think about using this Yama off the yoga mat is asking yourself if you're using your energy in a way that is leading you towards connection, the good of mankind, and universal flow. Do you have enough energy to get where you're going, or are you expending it on things that maybe...
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Yoga Philosophy: Asteya

learn about yoga Dec 29, 2020
This Yama means more than just what we might initially think of as relating to 'stealing'.
Asteya is something that can be practiced in every minute of every day of our lives. Are we stealing from ourselves with our habits, our distractions, our focus? Are we stealing time & peace from ourselves and others by often being late? Are we stealing space from ourselves by trying to fill some perceived gap in our lives with more and more stuff?
Patanjali says 'To one established in non-stealing, all wealth comes'.
This could be taken to mean that when we allow what is meant for us to simply come to us then we find we will live a richer life, rather than constantly going after things that are stealing away our time, energy, focus & peace.
Perhaps in this way Asteya is about being more mindful of what we already have in our lives and questioning the idea of needing or coveting more. Of course it doesn't mean that we don't have goals or...
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Yoga Philosophy: Satya

learn about yoga Dec 29, 2020
In his book 'Light on Yoga', B.K.S. Iyengar says that 'truth is the highest rule of conduct or morality'.
Satya (truth) is the second of the Yamas (ethical disciplines) and Iyengar goes on to say that 'if the whole life is based on truth, then one becomes fit for union with the Infinite'.
Ok, so what does that mean?
Living in truth closely resembles the idea of living a life of flow. It's not about being brutally honest in our lives to the detriment of others. It comes down to being aligned in the life you are living. Speaking, thinking and acting with integrity and in alignment for the Universal good.
This doesn't necessarily mean that we forsake our needs for the greater good, but it means that when are living in flow with the one collective of life, love and truth, we will find that we automatically attain the things we desire, the things we need and we find that ourselves and others respect our words, actions and boundaries.
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