How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleanse your crystals!
They work hard for you and can store/build up some funky energy, especially if they are in protection mode or on your body frequently.
Here are some ways you can cleanse your crystals:
Sunlight, a good dose of the rays for a few hrs.
 Full Moon Light, on your window sill or outside
 Salt Water (Ocean is best), but you can make your own salty mix. If using a mix at home be sure to pour the water out onto the Earth, not down your sink!
 Palo Santo or Sage, use the smoke to cleanse.
 Bury them in Earth - X marks the spot!
 Intention *holding your crystal, envision it being cleansed internally and externally*.
We like to cleanse our crystals every Full Moon. It’s an easy reminder and keeps them in tip top shape.
How do you cleanse yours?
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Things That Go BUMP In The Night.

This might sound weird....
....the most common sentence we hear before someone asks us a question that leans a little more on the ‘woo woo’ side… ‘I think there is some bad energy in my house. Things keep moving, it sounds like someone is walking the hallway and sometimes it feels like someone is in the room while I am sleeping’. It gives us all the heebie jeebies and may invoke some olde time ghost stories.
Look. Entities, spirits, souls in limbo, they are a thing. Let’s call them lower vibrations and having an encounter with them can be an experience that takes your breath away, maybe even want to keep the night light on. They aren’t necessarily ‘bad’, they are just a little lost. Our fave analogy; check out the movie ‘Monsters Inc’. The monster's city is powered by ‘screams’ so they go to work scaring kids to collect their screams. They end up learning that laughter is actually WAY...
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Do Business Different.

Have a business meeting with the Universe.

We built a successful business in under a year. One that not only survived but THRIVED during the ‘pandemic’. Every move we made led to only bigger and better things and there was zero guess work involved. We KNEW how and when to make our moves.
Do you run your own business? Constant decision making, seeking the right help, it can sometimes all be a little overwhelming.
We are going to let you in on a lil secret. We (Renee & Murray), don’t actually make the decisions for our business, The Open Mind Space. The Universe does.
Before your head goes into a proper spin, we are responsible for taking action, for following through and readjusting as needed. No we are not airy fairy happy clappers. Our feet are firmly on the ground, we have a drive to create and a strong work ethic. But when it comes to finalising the timetable, what teachers to bring into the space, what workshops to run...
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I Think My Chakras are Blocked... 4 Easy Ways to Fix It.

Ever been to a psychic or an energy healer, have them tell you, ‘hmmmm, this chakra is blocked,’ or ‘once your ____ chakra is activated life will change’. Walk away going, ‘great, what do I do with that?’
You can go see someone about it, or you can totally realign, unblock and activate your chakras yourself.
If you have never heard of a Chakra before, it is a focus point of energy in your body. There are believed to be 7 main chakras along your midline and HUNDREDS of smaller chakras throughout your body.
Each of these 7 main chakras are connected to colours, organs, aspects of life; so if one is ‘blocked’ it may have a direct effect on the corresponding organ or thought pattern.
So let’s get to HOW you can unblock them:
1: Visualisation - imagine the chakra, see its colour and what it feels like, then start to imagine it being switched on like a light bulb. The brighter...
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We Met Our Baby Before We Conceived

In some Indigenous cultures a woman will meet the spirit of her baby, hear the call, and then go find the man that is to be that child's father. 


We (Renée and Murray) were gifted the opportunity to meet the energy of our baby before we even conceived. 


To listen to our full story, head to Episode 7 of our PODCAST or YOUTUBE video sharing our experience. 


About a year before meeting Murray, in an overnight meditation experience, spirit guided Renée through her birthing experience. Showed her how calm the birth would be, how supported she would be and that she would be having a girl.


Fast forward to early 2018. We had been dating for about four months, living together for two. Murray had come home from a deep facilitated meditation with an energy mentor wide-eyed. ‘You need to sit down.’ Keep in mind, we had been dating for four months, we were still fresh, ‘ I don’t know how else to say...

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Who ya gonna call?

energy and intuition Nov 09, 2020

HOW TO: Cleanse bad juju.


When I was a kid I would often go to bed and quickly pull the covers over my head when the lights went out. I knew someone was in my room, but no one else could see them.


Ok, that may be an extreme version of ‘bad juju’ but we have all felt it; feeling uncomfortable in a space, walking away from a conversation where someone just dumped all their ‘stuff’ on you, meeting someone and feeling apprehensive or not letting your foot hang over the edge of the bed at night because, well who knows what is living under there!


It was around 11 I started to learn that I could do more than hide under the covers to keep the bad juju at bay.


From feeling like something is ‘off’, to shaking someone else's bad vibes, to getting your ‘who ya gunna call’ *Ghostbusters* are some simple and effective ways to clear out bad juju from houses, workshops and personal space that I have used over my...

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Don't go down the 'what if' rabbit hole.

energy and intuition Sep 30, 2020

It was a glorious spring day, as I was driving to a meeting a bird almost flew into my window, it gave me start and made me think how I hate the feeling of ‘close calls’, which led to the memory of how I almost got engaged to the totally wrong guy, I wonder where I would be now if I married him, ugh that would feel so closed in and fake. Hang on, how did my brain get me here and also, I was feeling really good like 2min ago.


Anyone else go down the ‘what if’ rabbit hole? It’s a waste of brain power, time and your precious precious energy. So how do you save yourself from falling in? Catch yourself and repeat these two simple acronyms P.O.C & P.O.D.


P.O.C: Point Of Creation, the beginning point of the story entering your being and P.O.D: Point Of Destruction, when that story exits your being. You are bookending in your circuitry the existence of this story, collecting all evolutions of it in between and giving it the boot.


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What Is Yin Yoga?

learn about yoga Sep 04, 2020
When many people hear the words Yin Yoga, they often wonder what on earth it is. We totally understand, so we’re demystifying it for you!
Now, you may hear the words ‘it’s just stretching’, and that’s half true, but yin yoga is so much more than stretching our body. In fact, in order to truly feel the benefits of yin yoga, it is imperative to come into a state of surrender. The truth of yin yoga is that you are very likely going to get a little bit uncomfortable. And that’s what can make this yoga practice so challenging, but also so very rewarding.
The Goal of Yin Yoga
In Yin yoga we are essentially asking our muscles to get out of the way, to stop resisting so that we can place very gentle stress on our connective tissues, such as our ligaments, joints and our fascia. If we don’t pay them much attention, these dense tissues can stop us from moving at an optimal level and we can feel stuck. When we feel stuck...
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