Anxiety: The distance between where you are and where you ‘should’ be.

anxiety Dec 21, 2020

Anxiety serves a purpose. It lets us know something is out of alignment. It can be a little niggle or an overwhelming landslide. It can show up for many varied reasons.


Here’s a thought; what if anxiety was a sensation representing the distance between where you are in this moment and an attachment to where you think you ‘should’ be?


You’re working a job that isn’t fulfilling, feeling disconnected in your relationship and by this age you thought you would have that 6-7 figure biz and be married. There is a gap between what is and an attachment to what ‘should be’.


Recently you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you and thought (or others are telling you) you should be over it by now. But there are still so many unresolved feelings. There is a gap between where you are and where you ‘should be’.


That underlying anxiety may be telling you something is off, and it's not that you are in the wrong...

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