You Can Tell Your Crystals What To Do.

Did you know you can tell your crystals what to do?
I first learnt about programming crystals from my Kinergetics Teacher (and all around wizard) Dave. Amongst his wall of energetic tools collected over decades of work, he had a shelf of clear quartz crystals in different tubes with labels of hormones, organs, sensitivities. He would use them in his 1on1 sessions but the explanation never went any further.
A few years after I finished studying with him I called him up, ‘Dave, I want to add those labelled crystals to my toolkit.’ I was met with a few moments of silence, ‘That’s not part of the course, Renée… but since you asked.’
Side-note: if you are ever in awe of a teacher/mentor skills, ask them to teach you. The way they light up sharing their magic is contagious.
The day I spent with Dave learning how to program crystals to specific vibrations was otherworldly. Specifically we were...
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How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleanse your crystals!
They work hard for you and can store/build up some funky energy, especially if they are in protection mode or on your body frequently.
Here are some ways you can cleanse your crystals:
Sunlight, a good dose of the rays for a few hrs.
 Full Moon Light, on your window sill or outside
 Salt Water (Ocean is best), but you can make your own salty mix. If using a mix at home be sure to pour the water out onto the Earth, not down your sink!
 Palo Santo or Sage, use the smoke to cleanse.
 Bury them in Earth - X marks the spot!
 Intention *holding your crystal, envision it being cleansed internally and externally*.
We like to cleanse our crystals every Full Moon. It’s an easy reminder and keeps them in tip top shape.
How do you cleanse yours?
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