The quickest way to change your mood.

cleansing energy Feb 18, 2021

My first job in TV (yes I used to work in film and tv) was as a ‘runner’, driving actors from studio to location filming. The drive was usually an hour long. Those hours were filled with laughter, deep conversations and every now and again moments of enlightenment that have stuck with me.


This one particular drive, my driving companion was sharing how pissed off they were and needed a quick way to dissipate the anger before going to film a loved up scene. 


Enter the quickest way to change your mood, the one word release. 


This is best practiced in a moving car, with the music up LOUD (can also be done at home with loud music if you don’t care for your neighbours, or alternatively underwater!).


Think of your most potent word (we all have a pretty common four letter one), take a deep breath in and let that word act like a magnet, drawing all of the ick towards it, then YELL that potent word out as hard, loud and long as you can....

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Ready to quit? You might be on the brink of your breakthrough.

When we first step into our self ‘work’, it can be easy to fall into the trap of it’s all rainbows, om shanti’s, crystals and waving smoke round our bodies. 


A little bubble burst here, it’s actual work. It gets ugly and uncomfortable the deeper you go as you face the layers of sh*t that you have been avoiding, pushing down or blaming on someone else. 


It’s these moments that differentiate between the people who say they are doing the ‘work’ and those you are actually rolling up their sleeves and then crumbling into a heap, only to break through the other side and experience life without the restraints you have created. 


If you are ready to quit, to throw it all in, you might just be on the brink of your break through.

-Reach out to a friend

-Take a breather before you do anything rash

-Connect with a therapist who you resonate with (and who will call you on your bs)

-Show up to the yoga class and be...

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Life with the Power of Plants

For centuries plants have been used for human wellbeing; to heal and enhance the human experience. They hold chemical compounds which react with our own and some plants are traditionally known to host a ‘spirit’ which impart knowledge.
We aren’t experts in this field, but we (Renée & Murray) have spent time sitting with and learning about certain plant medicines. From these experiences we have learnt to respect the spirits within them and to invite them to enhance our everyday life.
1: Daily Ceremonial Cacao:
Cacao is a heart opener and energizer. It comes with a feminine spirit (Madre Cacao) that when you sit with intention (in ceremony or meditation) she will guide and unveil inspiration. Murray and Renee have a cacao every morning then drop into their daily meditation practice. Be sure to source Ceremonial Grade Cacao (be mindful supermarket/bulk store ‘raw cacao’ may be highly processed AND contain...
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Your Power is Hidden in the Dark.

Have you ever been surrounded by darkness and felt there was no way out? The suffocating depth of darkness, whether in the mind or in the middle of the night can at times be overwhelming. Renée had a night like that recently, the darkness in her dreams woke her.
‘Are you afraid?’ It whispered. Her heart did skip a beat.
It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing energy work for, when it wakes you up in the middle of the night there is still a moment of ‘please don’t let this be happening’.
She looked for the creature her imagination was trying to form from the voice in the blinding darkness. Maybe sharp teeth, tall and broad. Too close for comfort.
We often accept stories that the dark is ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. Sure there are some funky energies that you don’t want to play around with. Much how in your everyday life there are people you know you need to give a wide...
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How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleanse your crystals!
They work hard for you and can store/build up some funky energy, especially if they are in protection mode or on your body frequently.
Here are some ways you can cleanse your crystals:
Sunlight, a good dose of the rays for a few hrs.
 Full Moon Light, on your window sill or outside
 Salt Water (Ocean is best), but you can make your own salty mix. If using a mix at home be sure to pour the water out onto the Earth, not down your sink!
 Palo Santo or Sage, use the smoke to cleanse.
 Bury them in Earth - X marks the spot!
 Intention *holding your crystal, envision it being cleansed internally and externally*.
We like to cleanse our crystals every Full Moon. It’s an easy reminder and keeps them in tip top shape.
How do you cleanse yours?
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Things That Go BUMP In The Night.

This might sound weird....
....the most common sentence we hear before someone asks us a question that leans a little more on the ‘woo woo’ side… ‘I think there is some bad energy in my house. Things keep moving, it sounds like someone is walking the hallway and sometimes it feels like someone is in the room while I am sleeping’. It gives us all the heebie jeebies and may invoke some olde time ghost stories.
Look. Entities, spirits, souls in limbo, they are a thing. Let’s call them lower vibrations and having an encounter with them can be an experience that takes your breath away, maybe even want to keep the night light on. They aren’t necessarily ‘bad’, they are just a little lost. Our fave analogy; check out the movie ‘Monsters Inc’. The monster's city is powered by ‘screams’ so they go to work scaring kids to collect their screams. They end up learning that laughter is actually WAY...
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