If you want it, you have already missed it.

Simply, if you are putting out the energy of desire and want, you are telling the Universe that you are in lack because you don’t have it. You are saying ‘my vibration is out of resonance with that thing over there which my ego is telling me I should have’.


How to change that? Focus on the feeling, the vibration, the resonance of the desire. The energetic make-up behind the material experience.


Focus on the here and now. On finding and amplifying that feeling right here. Right now.


The quicker you can master your inner world to align with wholeness, freedom, expansion and connection to a greater source, the quicker the material world will start to manifest itself to align with YOU.


Feeling first, the world around you will follow.


We dive deeper into the world of flow, energetic alignment and desire creation in our online course ‘Cracking The Manifesting Code’. Sign up now to learn the simple tools to eliminate the...

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The courage to live your dreams.

energy and intuition Jan 25, 2021
Pause for a moment and riddle us this.
What does your dream life look like? Get real descriptive.
Now, why aren’t you choosing that? Go on, tell us all the excuses that your mind presents. It’s not financially secure, I need to finish this other thing first, I don’t know how it will turn out, it’s scary to take the leap.
Next question, what does your dream life FEEL like? If you were to wake up tomorrow and all the desires and wants and dreams existed, what does that FEEL like?
Now what is stopping you from choosing people, places and things that instigate that feeling (or a version of it) in you TODAY?
When we teach manifesting in our online course we focus on the FEELING and getting really clear (plus teach you techniques to move through all the blocks between you and that feeling). But at the end of the day manifesting is having the courage to get really clear on how you want to feel, your...
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'Be the Embodied Flow of the Universe' ✨

energy and intuition Jan 11, 2021
‘We are one’... great but what does that mean?
The concept of ‘we are one’ often needs to be experienced rather than logically broken down. Even if just for a moment. When the sweet nectar of ‘oneness’ drops on our tongue we become hungry for more.
How to experience ‘oneness’? It starts with discipline. Showing up to your practices when your mind is fighting you not to.
It continues with facing your ‘stuff’ as it arises instead of shying away.
It expands when you reach out for help in the sticky moments.
‘Oneness’ has been philosophized and pulled apart but no one will experience it how you do. So keep showing up and getting a taste of it, in the pause after your exhale, in the silence in between thoughts, in the moment of Savasana right before you are asked to come back.
To be one with the flow of the Universe is to live a life of ease (not...
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Ready to quit? You might be on the brink of your breakthrough.

When we first step into our self ‘work’, it can be easy to fall into the trap of it’s all rainbows, om shanti’s, crystals and waving smoke round our bodies. 


A little bubble burst here, it’s actual work. It gets ugly and uncomfortable the deeper you go as you face the layers of sh*t that you have been avoiding, pushing down or blaming on someone else. 


It’s these moments that differentiate between the people who say they are doing the ‘work’ and those you are actually rolling up their sleeves and then crumbling into a heap, only to break through the other side and experience life without the restraints you have created. 


If you are ready to quit, to throw it all in, you might just be on the brink of your break through.

-Reach out to a friend

-Take a breather before you do anything rash

-Connect with a therapist who you resonate with (and who will call you on your bs)

-Show up to the yoga class and be...

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4 Ways to Support Your Intuitive Child

energy and intuition Dec 29, 2020
So your precious little one is sharing about dreams they are having, people they are seeing at night, information that they possibly couldn’t know otherwise. It seems like that are picking up on something beyond our physical world and you may feel way over your head.
Reading this is a great first step. You aren’t expected to have all the answers but here are some ways you can easily support your intuitive child;
1- Believe them.
Just because you can’t sense what they can doesn’t mean you can dismiss it. Listen to them and ask them questions as if what they are experiencing is very real. With that information you can reach out to an intuitive healer/energy worker and ask for their assistance in further understanding what is happening.
2-Create a safe space.
Sensing something beyond our world can be super overwhelming for adults, so imagine being a kid trying to make sense of it all! With your child create a safe space first...
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How to MEDITATE (and how you CAN'T do it wrong).

'Not like that! You need to sit like me and if you use any other techniques than what we have covered, you have failed'….... that was when I knew I had found the wrong meditation teacher.
It is becoming common knowledge that meditation has so many benefits physically (lowers adrenaline), mentally (teaches you to focus), emotionally (time to process) and spiritually (connection to higher self). So why do you have so much damn resistance to it every time you try to start?
First up, cut yourself some slack, I (Renée) have been practicing meditation for 20yrs now, I am fully conscious of its benefits, how I will feel after, and I still have days of total resistance, busy mind and fidgeting. It means I’m human and I am practicing.
Meditation in its most basic form is a practice that allows you to draw your focus to a single point. There are many styles, philosophies and ways to meditate but ultimately you need to play with what...
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3 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Life with the Power of Plants

For centuries plants have been used for human wellbeing; to heal and enhance the human experience. They hold chemical compounds which react with our own and some plants are traditionally known to host a ‘spirit’ which impart knowledge.
We aren’t experts in this field, but we (Renée & Murray) have spent time sitting with and learning about certain plant medicines. From these experiences we have learnt to respect the spirits within them and to invite them to enhance our everyday life.
1: Daily Ceremonial Cacao:
Cacao is a heart opener and energizer. It comes with a feminine spirit (Madre Cacao) that when you sit with intention (in ceremony or meditation) she will guide and unveil inspiration. Murray and Renee have a cacao every morning then drop into their daily meditation practice. Be sure to source Ceremonial Grade Cacao (be mindful supermarket/bulk store ‘raw cacao’ may be highly processed AND contain...
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Do YOU Have Intuitive Superpowers?

energy and intuition Dec 01, 2020
Short answer: Yes.
We all do to some degree. You may not have a crystal ball, but perhaps you know when someone isn’t telling the truth, or you get the urge to ring a friend only to hear ‘I was JUST thinking about you”.
You may also be able to summon magic and we are down for that too.
So what are YOUR intuitive superpowers?
Take our short online quiz to find out! Click here to access the quiz.
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Your Power is Hidden in the Dark.

Have you ever been surrounded by darkness and felt there was no way out? The suffocating depth of darkness, whether in the mind or in the middle of the night can at times be overwhelming. Renée had a night like that recently, the darkness in her dreams woke her.
‘Are you afraid?’ It whispered. Her heart did skip a beat.
It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing energy work for, when it wakes you up in the middle of the night there is still a moment of ‘please don’t let this be happening’.
She looked for the creature her imagination was trying to form from the voice in the blinding darkness. Maybe sharp teeth, tall and broad. Too close for comfort.
We often accept stories that the dark is ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. Sure there are some funky energies that you don’t want to play around with. Much how in your everyday life there are people you know you need to give a wide...
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How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleanse your crystals!
They work hard for you and can store/build up some funky energy, especially if they are in protection mode or on your body frequently.
Here are some ways you can cleanse your crystals:
Sunlight, a good dose of the rays for a few hrs.
 Full Moon Light, on your window sill or outside
 Salt Water (Ocean is best), but you can make your own salty mix. If using a mix at home be sure to pour the water out onto the Earth, not down your sink!
 Palo Santo or Sage, use the smoke to cleanse.
 Bury them in Earth - X marks the spot!
 Intention *holding your crystal, envision it being cleansed internally and externally*.
We like to cleanse our crystals every Full Moon. It’s an easy reminder and keeps them in tip top shape.
How do you cleanse yours?
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