How to MEDITATE (and how you CAN'T do it wrong).

'Not like that! You need to sit like me and if you use any other techniques than what we have covered, you have failed'….... that was when I knew I had found the wrong meditation teacher.
It is becoming common knowledge that meditation has so many benefits physically (lowers adrenaline), mentally (teaches you to focus), emotionally (time to process) and spiritually (connection to higher self). So why do you have so much damn resistance to it every time you try to start?
First up, cut yourself some slack, I (Renée) have been practicing meditation for 20yrs now, I am fully conscious of its benefits, how I will feel after, and I still have days of total resistance, busy mind and fidgeting. It means I’m human and I am practicing.
Meditation in its most basic form is a practice that allows you to draw your focus to a single point. There are many styles, philosophies and ways to meditate but ultimately you need to play with what...
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