3 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Life with the Power of Plants

For centuries plants have been used for human wellbeing; to heal and enhance the human experience. They hold chemical compounds which react with our own and some plants are traditionally known to host a ‘spirit’ which impart knowledge.
We aren’t experts in this field, but we (Renée & Murray) have spent time sitting with and learning about certain plant medicines. From these experiences we have learnt to respect the spirits within them and to invite them to enhance our everyday life.
1: Daily Ceremonial Cacao:
Cacao is a heart opener and energizer. It comes with a feminine spirit (Madre Cacao) that when you sit with intention (in ceremony or meditation) she will guide and unveil inspiration. Murray and Renee have a cacao every morning then drop into their daily meditation practice. Be sure to source Ceremonial Grade Cacao (be mindful supermarket/bulk store ‘raw cacao’ may be highly processed AND contain...
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