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Chakra Yin Series with Cat Mead

5 Yin Yoga Classes to Bring Balance to your Chakras.

If you've been feeling a little off-balance, living from your head instead of your heart, this 5-part Online Yin Yoga Series is exactly the thing you need.

Using specific long-held yin yoga poses designed to access, notice and connect with each of your Chakras, or centres of energy, these classes give you space and time to sit with yourself, to get your energy moving well and to release ‘stuff’ you don’t need to hold anymore.

Giving yourself this space to connect, settle and surrender your need for control allows you to drop into your parasympathetic nervous system. The part of you that promotes rest, healing and digestion.

What you get:

  • 5 x Yin Yoga Classes (between 45-60mins each)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Expert Instruction

You will feel more connected to yourself, refreshed, recharged and you might just find that you have had the capacity to heal yourself all along.


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